Adds a BF3 Battle Report button to any Battlelog battle report that has BBlog enabled

Plug-in Ver: 1.1 - Feb 4, 2013
Plugin URL:

  • If you have not already done so, install the Better Battlelog Addon on your browser (Firefox/Chrome only).
  • Log in to Battlelog.
  • Click the Better Battlelog tab to open the BBLog configs.
  • Click the Plugins button.
  • Type the following into the text field: and press "Enter".
  • Press F5 or click Refresh to refresh the page.
  • Install Complete.

  • Opens Battlelog report using this site. (
  • View additional stats not available on Battlelog.
  • Export BF3 Battle Report to a jpg/png. (Does NOT export the original Battlelog Report)

How to Use:
  • View any battle report on Battlelog.
  • There should be a button next to the report header and other battle report buttons that says "BF3BattleReport". Click it.

  • Please report any issues here.
  • i.e. missing button, broken link, no report.